Why Mobile?

Mobile as vital part of the marketing mix


The mobile phone today is widely acknowledged as the third screen, a commodity with high penetration levels that consumers are increasingly using as media device. Already it is being used to:

  • surf the web
  • watch videos
  • listen to music
  • navigate routes
  • share photos
  • to frequent social networks.


For the youth and future consumer, it will be the device of choice.


Mobile marketing differs from other media platforms


Mobile can deliver what we call the 5PR’s, and through that one reaps true marketing ROI:

  • Reach
  • Response
  • Relevance
  • Rewards
  • Reporting


Mobile is booming in South Africa


Mobile penetration exceeds the penetration of all other media:

  • More than 90% of South Africans have access to a cellphone
  • 70% of adults use one
  • Unparalleled reach into lower LSMs













By 2014, mobile internet should overtake desktop internet usage.

Why mobile? Find out how South Africans use their mobile phones.